October 17


Noah Klein ‘dontyoufeel5s’ – LISTEN

By RawKeith

October 17, 2022

noah klein

Noah Klein has been recognized by Diffus Magazine, Rolling Stone and Musikexpress for his experimental music, which incorporates his interests in art and flash photography. After spending time in Barcelona and diving into the Berlin producer scene, 
the German-American multi-instrumentalist and producer is releasing a new
opus whatdidyoudo2me.

whatdidyoudo2me, a four-track EP is written in the third person, with Noah Klein as the deliberately unreliable narrator. The soundscape throughout the EP itself jumps from lighthearted to melancholic, and yet provides the perfect backdrop to the series of cautionary tales. The record was born out of an immersive musical retreat, where Noah invited producers Bearcubs and Aud Syn to experiment with sound production and vintage cassette recorders to find the EP's wide range of sounds.

For Noah, 2022 has been a year of major milestones and celebrations. His last EP after3nogoodcomes2me
(2021) was the dawn of his iconic sound that developed into the upcoming release. He was awarded the Initiative Musik grant for budding new artists which opened many doors for collaborations, with notable releases including A Cosmic Yes together with Bearcubs (+300K streams), Why You Wanna with TAM (+120K streams) and Aud Syn’s singles Daydream & Cold Lanes. 

This fall Noah will be joining Bearcubs on tour in North America
and Europe, taking the stage at renowned venues including The Drake Hotel in Toronto, The Echo in Los Angeles and Elsewhere in Brooklyn.

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