March 14


November Ultra Announces Album ‘Bedroom Walls’ for April 8

By RawKeith

March 14, 2022

November Ultra

Singer-songwriter November Ultra is France’s latest bedroom pop sensation. Often praised for her deep and warm voice, November Ultrafirst entered people’s ears and hearts with the soothing DIY lullaby "Soft & Tender". Her first effort was quickly followed by the sweet and sour heartbreak anthem "Miel" and a maxi EP Honey please be soft & tender, which includes the gut-wrenching bonus track "The End." - giving us a taste of what she is all about: comforting, personal, intimate and always very cinematographic bedroom pop.

Following the release of her single “le manège” at the end of last year, today November Ultra announces the release of her highly anticipated debut album Bedroom Walls, coming on April 8th via Republic Records. To mark the release November Ultra has released the album title track “Bedroom Walls”, an intimate lullaby and personal track about her life and what she's been through. It’s a touching folk song that brings us to the heart of the upcoming debut album: her bedroom walls, where she composed and wrote the record.

As a singer-songwriter, she divides her time between recording studios and her DIY bedroom-studio, working for others as a topliner/songwriter (Jaden Smith, Kungs, Barbara Pravi) while recording, exploring and producing her own songs on Ableton. November Ultra went viral on TikTok last summer when Camila Cabello posted a video on TikTok using the song ‘’Come into my arms’’ which went viral and saw November Ultra’s TikTok getting more than 8M views and a lot of Duet Me videos leading to her becoming one of the Billboard Song Breaker in August.

November Ultra - Bedroom Walls - track listing: 
01. Over & Over & Over
02. Soft & Tender
03. le manège
04. Monomania
05. Miel 
06. Fade
07. Nostalgia Ultra
08. Incantation Interlude
09. Septembre
10. Bedroom Walls
11. Open Arms

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