‘On My Mind’ by Mashd N Kutcher – LISTEN

By RawKeith / October 29, 2021

As with all of the live music industry, the last 18 months have seen a halt in live touring for Brisbane-based, touring DJs Mashd N Kutcher. In their career so far they’ve already achieved 2 platinum records, 3 Aria Certified Gold Records and have played over 1000 live shows. Now as the tides turn and the world seems to reopen, the duo is unleashing their massive new hit, ‘On My Mind’.

The duo has built a reputation for utilising off kilter, yet universally familiar samples. ‘On My Mind’ lives up to this, sampling a hit record from one of Australia’s most iconic bands. While unpredictable on paper, the track’s final result is an undeniable dance floor filler. The soulful elements of disco combine perfectly with the energy infused vocal sample, all wrapped together with the contemporary dance charm we’ve come to love and know from Mashd N Kutcher.

Despite the industry on pause, the duo has seen some of their biggest music success to date, none more so than their newly Aria Certified Gold hit, ‘Get On The Beers’ the viral remix of Victorian state premier Daniel Andrews. When the duo remixed a press conference of one of the country’s most prominent politicians (now sitting combined 13 million+ views across all social platforms, and almost 6 million streams on Spotify) the track acted as a light-hearted beacon of hope during the pandemic’s peak in 2020. It also became a lockdown anthem across the country carrying a theme of positivity, hope and memories of good times at the Pub with friends, not to mention a laugh much needed. The track continued to gain momentum placing at #12 on Triple J’s Hottest 100 of 2021, also reaching #1 on the iTunes Dance Release charts, #1 on the Australian Independent singles charts, and Spotify AU.

Despite their viral charm, Mashd N Kutcher are more than just a storm in a teacup, rather one of the most well-established commercial dance acts of the past 5 years. Since meeting in 2014, the pair have toured globally, playing clubs and festivals in almost every continent, showcased in lineups such as Ultra Music Festival, OMNIA, and Marquee, whilst also receiving regular media coverage from mainstream media outlets, from the Discovery Channel to Forbes Magazine. In addition, the duo have had 2 Beatport number #1 records in singles (‘Fiesta’ and ‘Like Fire’.) Mashd N Kutcher are always on the edge of pop culture, turning their eye for virality into commercial hits. It’s from this and their strong social media presence they’ve built an undeniable, cult-like fanbase, sitting at 2 million fans across Facebook, TikTok, Instagram & Youtube.