October 22


Oscar and the Wolf’s new album ‘The Shimmer’ is Out Now

By RawKeith

October 22, 2021

Oscar and the Wolf

Belgian pop superstar Max Colombie, a.k.a. Oscar and the Wolf’s new album The Shimmer, is out now on [PIAS] Recordings.

Enter Colombie’s world, and you’ll discover a uniquely dazzling and shimmering fusion of contemporary R&B and a more European electro-pop sensibility, uniting shivery melody, shifting beats, and vocals steeped in drama, sensuality, and yearning. Colombie hears, “a twilight zone where it doesn’t sound dark nor happy. It’s like the name Oscar and the Wolf; it’s a balance between light and dark, this perfect combination between the sun and the moon. It’s beautiful and scary at the same time.”

Oscar and the Wolf’s official debut, the 2012 EP Summer Skin, showed his gifts arrived virtually full-formed, but he truly came of age in 2014 with his debut album Entity. Balanced between dancefloor anthems and slow jams, Entity went 4 times platinum in his native Belgium and quickly jettisoned Colombie to superstar status. He sold out arenas in Belgium and the Netherlands, taking the penultimate headlining slot (behind Muse) at 2016's Lowlands festival before headlining Belgium’s Pukkelpop festival sharing the bill with Rihanna and LCD Soundsystem

Released in 2017, the second Oscar and the Wolf album, Infinity went platinum at home, whilst amassing a huge Middle Eastern fanbase across Turkey (where his 2018 tour sold out within minutes), Egypt, Israel and Iran. On stage, Colombie cut a commanding and lithe performer, often garbed in shimmering outfits that interacted with the dynamic lighting. 

The new Oscar and the Wolf album The Shimmer distills the essence of Colombie’s sound and vision in its title and the image of Colombie on the album cover, bathed in starry light. The album is a benchmark of his transformation on record; whereas Entity was recorded in a barn, “very lo-fi with no access to gear,” he recalls, The Shimmer’s bold, rich and layered dynamics were captured at ICP Studios in Brussels, home to, “one of the best live rooms in Europe, with all this vintage gear.” More intimate moments were added at Colombie’s house outside the city, “those magic takes we made just after we’d written something, which are so hard to capture again.”

Oscar and the Wolf  - The Shimmer - tracklisting:
01. James - https://youtu.be/1m53G9nIfQA
02. Ghost Of You
03. Crystalline
04. Your Choice
05. Ocean City
06. Transfixions
07. Nostalgic Bitch
08. Livestream - https://youtu.be/Q-mU0QFys5I
09. Oliver - https://youtu.be/bFnkKs-oO9s
10. The P.I.C.
11. The Shimmer

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