January 28


Party Favor and K.Flay ‘Superhuman’ – LISTEN

By RawKeith

January 28, 2022

K.Flay, Party Favor

Today, January 28, Ultra Records celebrates the arrival of “Superhuman,” a song by Party Favor and K.Flay. The title of the track refers to humans with enhanced characteristics that go beyond what is naturally found in us. Here alt-rock has its moment. This radio-ready jam incorporates catchy guitar riffs, steady kickdrums and a thumping bassline, showing off fresh aspects of Party Favor’s obvious versatility and featuring the always enticing stylings of singer and multi-instrumentalist K.Flay.

“The first time I heard the demo version of ‘Superhuman’ from K.Flay, I was in the car and had to pull over. We had sent some ideas back and forth but this one was different,” shares Party Favor. “I was so immediately excited about the potential and how awesome her voice was, the lyrics, I hadn’t had that kind of reaction to a demo in years. I drove straight home and worked on it right there and then, I was texting her ideas for the song in the middle of the night. I was so inspired and had an instant vision for what I could do with it, and honestly the majority of the song was finished that day. ‘Superhuman’ is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever made in my career, and to work on it with someone as authentic and talented as K.Flay, couldn’t ask for more.” 

“I really like the idea of thinking about the word ‘superhuman’ in a different way,” adds K.Flay. “Flipping it on its head. Not as extraordinary but super ordinary. Imperfect and vulnerable and flawed. For me, there's something really beautiful about celebrating that.” 

Over the last few months, Party Favor (Dylan Ragland) has been entertaining listeners with new music built around themes of mental health and personal awareness with songs like “Whenever You’re Around,” “Losing My Mind” featuring Elohim, “Save Me,” and most recently, “Anxious” feat. MASN. These songs and more will appear on a new Party Favor project to come in 2022.

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