November 3


Plain Mister Smith ‘El Presidente’ – LISTEN

By RawKeith

November 3, 2023

Plain Mister Smith

Based in-between Vancouver and London, enigmatic and elusive musician Plain Mister Smith returned on the 3rd of November with a new single in, ‘El Presidente’. Ever mysterious, occasionally visible, Plain Mister Smith has carved out his own niche in the indie-folk genre with his enigmatic songs and incredible musicality. A former guitarist for Canadian Electronic band Moev, he also currently has his hands full playing the cello in the Vancouver Philharmonic Orchestra. Accelerating his momentum, the track has already premiered and received support from NOCTIS Mag.

Stream / Download: Plain Mister Smith - ‘El Presidente’

Plain Mister Smith’s biography is shrouded in mystery. Where it begins and ends is anyone’s guess. However, as the story goes, one day Mark Jowett woke up and there was a man in a pinstriped suit with a globular head looking at him. He couldn't figure it out if it was an apparition, a freaky stranger, or a musical persona in human form. What we do know, is it sparked the fire of a new project, and Plain Mister Smith was born. 

‘El Presidente’ sees Plain Mister Smith up to his usual brilliance and absurdity. Think Sufjan Stevens or Elliot Smith, but whittier and more atypical. Enlisting the soothing vocal prowess of Findlay Brown, there’s an eclectic mix of entrancing instrumentals here, with intricate, almost latin, acoustic guitar chords and arpeggios holding down the main musical progression, as well as a dash of cello and synthesized pads for additional harmonics. The main motif is hard to pin down, as the song remains beautifully unpredictable and aloof in its delivery and rhythm. Lyrically, ‘El Presidente’ poignantly explores the persona of a former record label president Plain Mister Smith had the good fortune of working with once upon a time, alluding to the head honchos' panache and belief in him when no one else shared the same sentiment. 

Plain Mister Smith has this to say on the song, "There was once a record label president that took a shot in the dark with two punks starting a small indie label in Canada, and gave them a deal. One of those punks was me, Plain Mister Smith, and El Presidente is about that crazy legend of a record company president." 

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