July 14


Raw Entertainment Magazine Artist Profile Willy G

By RawKeith

July 14, 2015

Raw Entertainment Magazine Artist Profile Willy G

Willy G, an indie rapper from Ewa Beach, HI.

Check out the just released a video for his newest song titled, “Closer (the Remix)!”

Willy G grew up in one of the many struggling families in poverty in Hawaii. “Film and television portray the Hawaiian Islands as paradise, but once you leave the tourist areas, the scene is far from it, but this is what we call home,” Willy G said in a recent interview.  Not only did he grow up struggling, but many of the people in this music video have passed, or ended up as lost souls strung out on drugs. “I wanted to make a video not only for my family but also for my people (in Hawaii and not) to let them know it’s never too late to improve your life. You’re never too old, you’re never too poor- it takes one chance, one positive move to change your life around.. just like I did mine.”


This is “All I Know,” featuring Moani Hara

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