November 14


REGAL STANDARD Project ‘ EP00000001’ Out Now

By RawKeith

November 14, 2022

Regal Standard

Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist/songwriter/vocalist/producer REGAL STANDARD, shares his debut EP00000001.   

Out now, the five-song EP0000001 ranges from the high octane “Chemical Attraction,” to the heart-wrenching, intimate power ballad “Harder and Harder,”the swinging energy-surge of “Constant Cradle,” the leaning “Who Do We Think We Are,” and the intoxicating “Thems.” It is wholly written, performed, recorded and produced by REGAL STANDARD (Laurence Schroeder),  mixed by Ken Sluiter (Morrissey, Andra Day) and mastered by Hans Dekline (The Pixies, Ben Lee).

Over the last two decades, Schroeder has produced and performed in numerous bands as well as his own solo projects. His years of experience have fed into EP0000001, which draws from his rock background and is rooted in organic sounds. At the same time, EP0000001 embraces all the capabilities of modern technology. The songs are both social commentaries and personal outpourings. EP0000001 is a natural progression from the crunching guitar riffs and heavy-duty drum assault of the previously released stand-alone single, “Understanding,” mixed by the Grammy-nominated Brandon Friesen (Billy Ray Cyrus, Sum41). 

Says Schroeder, “I have never felt this free to explore topics outside of the realm of traditional love songs and into something more meaningful and representative of what I currently feel about the state of the world. I’m trying to make sense of it like everyone else, taking responsibility for myself, trying to put some thoughtful observations out into the universe, and having as much fun as I can along the way.” 

His music has drawn comparisons to wide-ranging artists from Scritti Politti and Squeeze to Supertramp, The Cars, Mars Volta, Silversun Pickups and Rage Against the Machine. Of “Understanding,” respected rock critic Katherine Turman (Spin, Entertainment Weekly, Billboard)  says, “It had me from the first second--which is amazing and rare. Amazing energy, production, dynamics. Really incredibly catchy. Timeless, with a touch of Duran Duran and super approachable while still being cool.”

Rock and Roll Globe premiered “Chemical Attraction,” which it called “One of the most kinetic cuts of EP0000001.” About the song Schroeder told Rock and Roll Globe, “'Chemical Attraction' is about the personification of addiction. The narrator in the song is whatever the listener is addicted to: substances, behaviors, their phone, social media, ideologies. It comes through as their inner voice, mocking them for being so weak in its presence.”

EP0000001 is available on all DSPs. Fans who purchase EP0000001 from the REGAL STANDARD Bandcamp will also receive a bonus sixth song, “Make You a Man.” 

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