November 25


Robosonic & Jess Bays & RAHH ‘Supposed To Do’ – LISTEN

By RawKeith

November 25, 2022

Jess Bays, RAHH, Robosonic

After each making their mark on Armada Subjekt in recent years, German DJ and producer Robosonic and UK-hailing DJ, producer and broadcaster Jess Bays make their highly anticipated joint return to Armada Music’s house pillar with ‘Supposed To Do’, a team-up with hotly tipped singer-songwriter RAHH.

Listen to Robosonic & Jess Bays & RAHH – Supposed To Do


Already played by Jess Bays across her Ibiza Rocks summer residency and, most recently, at London’s Tobacco Dock, this vocal-laced, star-studded collaboration has proven to work wonders in any club environment. Listeners and DJs alike can enjoy an original version as well as a dedicated extended Club Mix.

"In the midst of the pandemic, RAHH and I found out we share a mutual feeling for certain grooves and harmony, vocal design and songwriting,” Robosonic says. “I was lucky to be able to orchestrate a musical platform to inspire and highlight her unique vocal expression and artistic spectrum. Things fell into place remotely – her working in London, me in Berlin – and she brought a lot of light, spirit and love to my lonesome studio in these times.”


“Jess was supposed to step in as a remixer in the first place,” he continues. “We’d heard her recent productions and how amazing her vocal arrangements would translate into DJ sets, so I was really curious to hear a version. We had met each other a couple of times before Covid, shared a stage and happily bumped into each other at various events. With those good vibes on board, we decided to just merge her fresh approach into what became this Armada Subjekt release, a heartfelt co-creation between the three of us. For now, it's two different versions: one closer to the original songwriting and one aimed at the dance floors."


“It’s been an absolute pleasure getting to work with an artist whose music I was buying even before I became a DJ!” Jess Bays adds. “Robosonic is such a legend and RAHH sounds on point, so this was the easiest ‘yes’. This song just gives off all the good feels!”

“Cord (Robosonic) sent me this incredible, half-tempo instrumental a while back,” RAHH chips in. “It had this moody weight to it that I connected to immediately; I wasn’t long out of a break-up and wanted to explore that mixture of dread and longing you get when you see your ex unexpectedly on a night out. It's essentially about the push and pull of the head and the heart. Cord loved what I'd written and we worked remotely to develop the track. Jess then absolutely brought the fire; I love the energy she brings and where we got the song to.”

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