December 6


Rozie Ramati ‘White Tee’ – LISTEN

By RawKeith

December 6, 2022

Rozie Ramati

22 year old self-taught singer-songwriter/producer Rozie Ramati announces the release of her single “White Tee”.

 The Mexican-Ashkenazi songbird wrote the acoustic ballad in her Los Angeles bedroom, "after losing a close friend and dealing with the heartbreak of an ending romance,” Rozie states, “White Tee just poured out of me, which is rare for me as an artist. I hope whoever hears the song can find comfort in the vulnerability behind it." Rozie is working with talented female creatives Sophia Liv Maguire,  Diane Lac, and Vanesa Moreno for her debut music video and cover art. 

Rozie previously released “Orange Juice'' with Alé Araya in April of this year, garnering over 1 million views across Tik Tok posts, editorial placements on Spotify’s New Music Friday and Ethereal playlists, and currently over 750,000 streams. Rozie also collaborated with Araya on a sample pack, a few of which, alongside Rozie’s unreleased “White Tee,” won Frank Dukes’ first Discord music competition. Stay tuned for more news to follow as the rising independent artist prepares to release her new single!



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