April 28


‘SCREAM! ep. 1 – Journey of Emotions’ Out Now

By RawKeith

April 28, 2023


ScreaM Records—the EDM label from major Korean music platform SM Entertainment--has released a new compilation album titled SCREAM! ep. 1: Journey of Emotions. Consisting of 13 singles by a variety of Korean electronic artists on the ScreaM roster, the album takes the listener on a guided journey through a vast array of human emotions, moving through curiosity, joy, sadness, anger, confusion, fear, and ending with hope. Each artist celebrates humanity’s unique ability to experience a great broadness and depth of emotional capacity with their own studio creation.

Listen to SCREAM! ep. 1: Journey of Emotions here: https://screamrecords.lnk.to/SCREAMep1

Leading the compilation starting with curiosity is Salamanda’s “Ether.” Here the left-field ambient duo dives into the filtration of "KWANGYA"—the parallel dimension in the SM universe of aespa where the “Black Mamba” resides and “ae” exists. IMLAY’s “SURFER” describes adventures that begin with curiosity as a mid-tempo track with a bright mood. The guitar, lead synth, and vocal samples are well harmonized expressing the overwhelming feeling of facing a new world.

Representing joy on the player is SUNGYOO’s “Say It,” a bouncy house jam portrayed by a bubbly piano and guitar sounds layered with a soulful voice that exclaims love. Mar Vista’s “Colours” is a garage house track featuring a distorted road piano sound. The track was created with the ecstasy that can be felt in a dance music rave, and the drums and various vocal elements that utilize swing rhythm adds energy to the track.

Coming into sadness is Moon Kyoo’s “Constant String Of.” Moving between house and drum & bass genres, the combination of Moon Kyu’s production and U.S. electronic, dark pop, and lofi hip-hop artist artemis orion's voice evokes a dreamy, lyrical atmosphere. The comparison of the middle, low beats, high notes, and synth sound expresses depression, tension, and emotion at the same time. Faver and Haz Haus’ “Right Time” is an electronic genre track with impressive messages of promising the next life while calmly reciting deviated love. The track was completed by using Faver's vocals like a musical instrument on top of Haz Haus’s delicate synth sound, and the dreamy yet blade-like sound evokes a reverie of journey to find love across time in space.

Xeomi’s “OUTRAGE!” is an aggressive drum & bass track with an impressive sound that represents emotions such as sadness and resentment that exist with anger in three dimensions. The fantasy sound elements in every corner adds fun to the track. Also for anger is Minit and Will Not Fear’s “Akrapovic,” a hybrid trap genre track with strong and heavy synthesizer/base-oriented electronic sound.

June One’s “Tumors,” which expresses "confusion" is based on acid sound and 808 base that depicts unpredictable confusion that suddenly occurs like a tumor.

Drawing towards the end comes fear. No Identity’s “Cyber Noise” is created by imagining the digital noise being traced in the cyber world where fear grows and becomes contagious. Genres such as base music, down-tempo, drill, and phonk are intertwined, showcasing a shocking and new experience. BRLLNT’s “Down” is a breakbeat genre track that was inspired by vocal samples containing the same word as the track’s name, “Down.” The downward pitch expresses the fear that comes from a situation when emotions constantly rush to the bottom.

Rounding out the Journey of Emotions is hope. Pierre Blanche’s “Alongside” is a melodic techno genre track that contains hope of rising back up even when facing difficulties, expressed through melody and chord that progresses with long breathing. Starting from the middle part of the track, the phase of synth and drums sounds express the will and power of recovering again. GINJO’s “Young Hearts” sends a message to move forward bravely like a child’s heart that has nothing to fear. The addition of Marcus Lindberg's powerful vocals onto GINJO's refreshing EDM arrangement, completes the track into a more dramatic and energetic progressive house song along with the message.

SCREAM! ep. 1: Journey of Emotions tracklist:

  1. Salamanda - “Ether”
  3. SUNGYOO - “Say It”
  4. Mar Vista - “Colours”
  5. Moon Kyoo - “constant string of (feat. artemis orion)”
  6. Faver, Has Haus - “Right Time”
  7. Xeomi - “OUTRAGE!”
  8. Minit, Will Not Fear - “Akrapovic”
  9. June One - “Tumors”
  10.  No Identity - “Cyber Noise”
  11.  BRLLNT - “Down”
  12.  Pierre Blanche - “Alongside”
  13.  GINJO - “Young Hearts”
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