June 9


Selma Higgins ‘Can’t Do This’ LISTEN

By RawKeith

June 9, 2023

Selma Higgins

Following a three-year hiatus, Selma Higgins finally returned this year with the release of the funkadelic ballad, ‘Sunlight’. Now, just a couple of months later, ‘Sunlight’ has become her first ever nationwide radio smash hit of Denmark while the 26-year-old singer is back to charm us all again once again to the sound of ‘CAN’T DO THIS’.

 “It’s a classic “stuck in the relationship” kind of story that could have easily developed into a sad break-up-song. But it’s not. It’s more of a “sigh” – an acceptance of the odd beauty of being stuck together with all its flaws, the restlessness and need of space from time to time. These are topics that can be tough to deal with or very one-sided and judgmental and that’s why I wanted ‘CAN’T DO THIS’ to be a light, uplifting and colorful play on those feelings,”Selma Higgins tells.

With quirky 80s synths, yacht rock guitars and unpredictable, fun chord changes ‘CAN’T DO THIS’ is a song full of surprises with a chorus that is bound to hit the Summer-playlists everywhere!

Selma Higgins debuted in 2020 with an authentic folk-inspired EP-release rooted in her Nordic and Irish upbringing. The organic feel is ever present in her music and as an energetic and versatile songwriter and singer, Selma never limits herself to follow a specific sound or style.

‘Sunlight’ was released in early March and the song instantly grabbed the attention from international culture and music media gaining coverage and support from the likes of METAL Magazine (ES), Ones To Watch (US), HUNGER Magazine (UK) and many more. Eventually, ‘Sunlight’ was chosen as “Song of the Week” on Danish national radio P3 claiming a nationwide hit record on air.

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