April 1


Slatt Zy ‘ Feel It in My Soul’ – WATCH

By RawKeith

April 1, 2022

Slatt Zy

Tennessee rapper Slatt Zy is back with a contemplative new single called “Feel It in My Soul.” Listen HERE. Another self-reflecting soulful track from the up-and-coming MC, Zy’s latest finds the rising star at his most vulnerable, referencing the struggles and loss that have shaped him. It’s another tantalizing, melodic tidbit from his life following the heart-wrenching “Hard To Live.” “Feel It In My Soul” is accompanied by a moving tribute with Zy and his friends bonding over another senseless loss. Zy honors his friend by celebrating his life. Watch the Marlo Taylor directed video below.

“Why I keep gettin’ this feelin’, my heart is broken from my past and I’m in need of some healin’,” Zy sings over somber piano chords and a gut-punching bassline. “You know I grew up in that jungle around some drugs and some killing.” Few artists are able to translate their pain and trauma as viscerally as Zy does here.

“Feel It in My Soul” is another groundbreaking moment for Zy, who turned heads throughout 2021. Last year’s “Lean On” has amassed over 1.6 million video views, while “Don’t You Fold” is over the million mark too. Both tracks showcase the young artist’s versatility as he details his deepest lows and celebrates his unlikeliest triumphs, continuing the unfiltered approach that began in 2020 with Zy Story and East Lake Projects


With critical acclaim from Lyrical LemonadeEARMILKHotNewHipHop, and more, Zy has established a reputation as one of the most soulful, and honest MCs in the game. Song by song, he is building a world that’s difficult to face, but even harder to look away from. With singles as tangibly powerful as “Feel It in My Soul,” Zy is one to watch in 2022. 

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