September 20


SNOW WIFE ‘HIT IT’ feat. Big Boss Vette – WATCH

By RawKeith

September 20, 2023

Big Boss Vette, Snow Wife

Emerging pop singer/songwriter SNOW WIFE has collabed with rapper Big Boss Vette on a new single and music video “HIT IT,” out now, under independent publishing company Prescription Songs and label counterpart Amigo Records. The new single is set to appear on SNOW’s upcoming debut mixtape, QUEEN DEGENERATE, out September 22.

Listen to “HIT IT” here: 

The viral and sensational dancer-turned-songwriter SNOW WIFE flaunts her musical versatility with Big Boss Vette on this new single. “‘HIT IT’ showcases my voyage from hyperpop niche rap into the commercial field of pop leaning rap,” says SNOW. “Given this direction, it only felt natural to call on Big Boss Vette to tie in this new global aesthetic.” 

SNOW’s single “AMERICAN HORROR SHOW” catapulted her into a very soon-to-be overnight popstar. Despite “AMERICAN HORROR SHOW” being just her second song released, SNOW WIFE is already proving she’s a force to be reckoned with. The single has garnered over 16 million streams across all streaming platforms, reached #2 on Spotify’s “Viral 50 USA” playlist and landed her on Spotify editorial playlist Beast Mode and the cover of their DOPE AF and alternative pop playlist, SALT, just to shout out a few highlights. Its video has received over 4 million viewsin two months: 

Heavily influenced by multiple genres including pop, alternative and rap music, developed with her close collaborators slush puppy and Jason Hahs, and heavy hitters Dr. Luke, KBeaZy and Jbach, SNOW’s debut project QUEEN DEGENERATE is out this Friday, September 22. 

Pre-save QUEEN DEGENERATE debut mixtape:

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