June 15


SUNGYOO EP ‘Blue Lights’ Out Now

By RawKeith

June 15, 2023


ScreaM Records--the EDM label from major Korean entertainment group SM Entertainment--announces the release of SUNGYOO’s debut EP Blue Lights. The Korean EDM artist, whose main genres include house and pop music, previously worked under the name Dream Hackers. He began releasing music under the name SUNGYOO after MINSEO's “#Self_Trip” remix in July 2022. From pop/disco house to tech, SUNGYOO continues to show his musical abilities in various house genres.

SUNGYOO’s Blue Lights is out now on all digital and streaming platforms:


The collection opens with the track “Blue Intro (Sweet Vanilla),” an addictive drum loop and soft brass sound from the introduction captivates the ears. It is an intro track that reflects the sweet and heartbreaking concept of the album. The title track “Tonight (feat. Thomas Daniel)” is a disco house genre that has been broken down into a danceable track centering around a catchy vocal melody, guitar, and brass, picturing a hot, fun summer night.

“For My Own (feat. J.O.Y)” is a track that highlights the flow of vocals reflecting sentimental love lyrics and a soft guitar melody. Lastly, “It’s Only You” is a disco pop house genre track that highlights the use of a cool, charming female vocal chop that is easy to listen to while drinking beer in a hot summer night lounge.

Track listing for SUNGYOO’s Blue Lights:

  1. Blue Intro (Sweet Vanilla)
  2. Tonight (feat. Thomas Daniel)
  3. For My Own (feat. J.O.Y)
  4. It’s Only You

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