September 16


Supreme Beings of Leisure ‘Contender’ – LISTEN

By RawKeith

September 16, 2022

Supreme Beings of Leisure

Earlier this summer, Supreme Beings of Leisure (SBL)—consisting of original members Geri Soriano, Ramin Sakurai and Rick Torres—reintroduced themselves after a 14-year hiatus with “Full Circle.” Now the band who is synonymous with retro-future West Coast Chill vibe, a sound they helped create in the heyday of trip-hop and mid-tempo electronica at the turn of the century, are back with a new single.  “Contender” is out today, September 16.  

The throbbing bassline and bouncing percussion backing up “Contender” helps to frame a critical look at Donald Trump. “Winston Churchill once said, ‘Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it,” shares SBL’s singer/songwriter Geri Soriano, the bands lyricist. “’Contender’ was written in late 2019. I was inspired by the times to paint the portrait of privilege and how our society chooses to reward a certain patriarchal prototype. This song is about brut conquest, inequity and karma. If this reminds you of certain particular figure you may be right but this story is old as the hills.”

Listen to “Contender” here:

Meanwhile, listeners have the opportunity to enjoy “Full Circle” in an immersive audio mix in Dolby Atmos as heard on Apple.  The track is also currently performing at radio, peaking at #39 on the Submodern Singles Chart with support from such stations as KCRW and KCSN in Los Angeles, WDWN in New York, WBEZ, WRRG and WCSF in Chicago, KTCL in Denver and KFAI in Minneapolis just to name a few.  “The trio is still as enigmatic as ever,” shared Grimy Goods on SBL’s “Full Circle,” “…radiating that illustrious retro-futurism and electronic trip-hop that made their previous three albums so enthralling.”

Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, SBL forged the electronic/trip hop sound for the West Coast. Previous albums include Supreme Beings of Leisure (2000), Divine Operating System (2003) and 11i (2008).  The Supreme Beings of Leisure “…look back to a time when dance music was not entirely mechanized and melodies had not been reduced to hooks and samples” touted the New York Times.

Look for “Full Circle” and “Contender” to appear on Supreme Beings of Leisure’s fourth studio album 22 due out early 2023.

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