October 29


‘sweet and sour’ by Amelia Moore – LISTEN

By RawKeith

October 29, 2021

Amelia Moore

Fast-rising singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Amelia Moore makes her Capitol Records debut with sweet and sour — a bold new single built on her forward-thinking and emotionally transparent brand of alt-pop. Along with showcasing her magnetic vocal presence, “sweet and sour” reveals the raw charisma that’s already earned the 20-year-old Georgia native a devoted fanbase – including more than 50,000 followers on Spotify prior to the release of her first official single.

Produced by her frequent collaborator Pink Slip, “sweet and sour” is a hypnotic introduction to Moore’s wildly unpredictable sound: stark yet explosive, ethereal yet feverish. Meanwhile, its lyrics speak to the sheer power of embracing your own complexity. “This song is a perfect statement of who I am as a person,” says Moore, who’s now based in Los Angeles. “For the most part I’m a total angel and super-sweet, but the second you mess with me or any of my friends, that’s all over. It’s kind of a warning to everyone, telling them to be careful and tread lightly, or else they’ll get the sour.” 

With its dizzying collision of sonic details — shadowy beats, jagged guitar tones, sudden shifts in texture, a gloriously fuzzed-out and frenetic outro — “sweet and sour” fulfills Moore’s mission of creating intricately detailed pop music that defies all convention. “One of my main goals is to elevate what we expect from pop artists, and usher in a wave of weirder, edgier, more left-of-center music with production that’s really crazy but also refined,” says Moore, who names endlessly inventive artists like Frank Ocean, SOPHIE, Kanye West, and Flume among her inspirations. 

Now at work on her debut EP (due out next year), Moore first discovered her musical side as a kid growing up in Lawrenceville (a town outside Atlanta). After taking up violin and piano at a young age, she started writing her own songs at age 13, in addition to singing in the church choir all throughout her childhood. “I was homeschooled, so I was able to spend a lot of time just falling in love with music on my own,” she recalls. While attending Belmont University in Nashville, she began making frequent trips out to L.A. to meet with producers and soon linked up with Pink Slip. As the two collaborators built up an eclectic body of work, Moore dropped out of Belmont and moved to L.A. in early 2020. Thanks to a series of original songs she shared on online over the course of the lockdown, Moore quickly gained massive attention and signed with Capitol Records.

With the release of “sweet and sour,” Moore is thrilled to begin her most exciting chapter to date. “I’ve been working so hard over the past few years, and waited until I found the most authentic version of my music before putting anything out,” she says. “I hope my songs make people feel powerful, and inspire them to believe in themselves and trust their gut no matter what everyone else is doing. You really can alter your reality, and it’s completely up to you to make that happen.”

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