November 5


‘Take It Back’ by Nefertitti – LISTEN

By RawKeith

November 5, 2021

Fat Joe, Nefertitti

After working locally as a song writer and producer in her home town of Cleveland, Nefertitti was discovered by Missy Elliot and Teddy Riley.  She quickly started to get more and more opportunities to perform and write. 

The new single "Take It Back" started as a demo being worked on by Nefertitti, Tim Kelley and MC Lyte. Ultimately there was nobody who could outdo Nefertitti's performance so Tim and MC Lyte convinced her to make the song the debut release for Tim Kelley's new label, Beat Cave Entertainment. MC Lyte then invited Fat Joe to join the project since he was a big fan of Nefertitti's already.

The song is about taking back a love that was lost.  "Take It Back was inspired by two people that were once together and the relationship fell apart. Then they started realizing that they ultimately needed each otherIt's the desire of rekindling the unmatched fire that they once shared," explains Nefertitti. 

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