November 17


TCTS ‘Say No More’ – LISTEN

By RawKeith

November 17, 2023


UK artist-producer TCTS returns with the sultry new single “Say No More” featuring Ellenor. Listen HERE via Astralwerks. Featuring propulsive percussion and a subtle Latin flair, the irresistible floorfiller casts a seductive spell that will leave fans begging for more. It follows the Brit's spring anthem "Tearing Up My Heart" and the equally intoxicating "Better." The track samples the iconic “Quién Será” song known in Dean Martin’s hit-record “Sway.”

“I don’t wanna talk about love, just wanna have fun with minimum fuss,” Ellenor proclaims over a feisty house beat and symphony of otherworldly sounds. The track ramps up as it arrives at the euphoric chorus: “When I saw you from across the floor — music loud, wild thoughts — I ain’t ever felt this way before," she belts. "Make me yours, say no more.” Falling somewhere between a club banger and a sexy tango, the track will be supercharging dance-floors for months to come. 

The infectious new track arrives following the arrival of “Tearing Up My Heart” featuring Sofia Quinn in the spring. It was preceded by March's "Better" featuring Decades. TCTS, a.k.a. Sam O’Neill is known for delivering thrilling crowd-pleasers that soar on sugar-rush hooks, and “Say No More” is no different. 

When he released “Lazerbeams” in 2019, it was a sign of the Manchester native’s massive potential. TCTS has ranked among the top house producers working today since dropping his 2014 track “Games,” which broke into the U.K. Dance Chart. The producer has since amassed over 200 million streams and glowing acclaim in and out of the house music world.

Now, with “Say No More,” TCTS levels up, dousing listeners in heart-racing beats that will leave fans and newcomers desperate for more. 

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