June 10


The Greeting Committee ‘Dandelion’ Deluxe Edition Out Now

By RawKeith

June 10, 2022

The Greeting Committee

The Greeting Committee has released the deluxe edition of Dandelion, their acclaimed 2021 album. The collection features three never-before-released tracks: the band’s self-produced cover of MGMT’s GRAMMY®-nominated hit “Kids,” “Make Out (8-Track)” and a live version of “Can I Leave Me Too?” It also includes two tracks that the band shared in the leadup to the release of the deluxe edition – “How Long?” (Tune-Yards Remix) and “Sort Of Stranger” feat. Briston Maroney. Download / stream Dandelion (Deluxe) (Harvest Records) HERE. See below for track listing.


A playful, surreal visualizer for “Kids,” which was created by Singapore-based art director/illustrator Kezia Gabriella, was unveiled today. View HERE. Known for her vibrant imagery that abounds with abstract shapes and unusual characters, Gabriella co-directed the video for “Float Away,” one of the first singles from Dandelion, and created the visualizer for ““How Long?” (Tune-Yards Remix).

“‘Kids’ by MGMT was one of the earliest covers The Greeting Committee ever did,” says Brandon Yangmi, guitarist for The Greeting Committee. “I remember playing it for our first Battle of the Bands when I was 15 years old. After working with Dave Fridmann on Dandelion, it felt like a full-circle moment to revisit this beloved song. This cover was a nod to our humble beginnings and a great way to put a bow on our deluxe album!”


Yangmi tracked, engineered and mixed the “8-Track”version of “Make Out” that appears on the deluxe edition. “Can I Leave Me Too? (Live)” was recorded at The Greeting Committee’s tour-closing hometown show at Uptown Theater in Kansas City. The Dandelion headline tour included sold-out shows in numerous cities, including Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles and Denver.


Upon its release last fall, Atwood Magazine hailed Dandelion as “a blue-eyed record that showcases the band’s widening range: what once were vibrant chamber pop tunes that recall The Hush Sound have turned into buzzing, heavy rockers with a dose of ‘90s nostalgia.” FLAUNT said, “If you have yet to hear about The Greeting Committee, prepare to fall in love.”


The follow-up to the band’s 2018 debut album This Is It, Dandelion found the three-piece band working with esteemed producer Jennifer Decilveo (MARINA, FLETCHER, Bat for Lashes) and mixer Dave Fridmann (The Flaming Lips, Tame Impala), delivering a moody and mercurial sound perfectly suited to the album’s emotional terrain. While often brutally honesty, Dandelion radiates an irrepressible and unbridled energy, thanks in part to the joyful chemistry that The Greeting Committee bring to every track. To that end, the band selected the album’s title due to its suggestion of an unlikely hope.


“Dandelions are weeds, but depending on your perspective, you can shrug them off or you can choose to see them as a sort of beautiful flower, similarly to how we have the choice in what we see in ourselves,” says frontwoman Addie Sartino.



Can I Leave Me Too?

Float Away


Bird Hall

Make Out

So It Must Be True

Wrapped Inside Of Your Arms


How Long?


**Sort of Stranger (feat. Briston Maroney)


*Make Out (8-Track)

**How Long? (Tune-Yards Remix)

*Can I Leave Me Too? (Live)


*Unreleased song

**Released but not on original Dandelion album

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