March 25


The Greeting Committee ‘How Long’ (Tune-Yards Remix) – LISTEN

By RawKeith

March 25, 2022

The Greeting Committee

Harvest Records released Tune-Yards’ buoyant remix of “How Long?” – one of the standout tracks from The Greeting Committee’s acclaimed 2021 album, Dandelion. A sonic adventure bursting with infectious beats, effervescent synths and echoing vocals, the remix is one of the new tracks that will appear on The Greeting Committee’s forthcoming Dandelion (Deluxe). 

“When looking into someone to do a remix for this record, Tune-Yards was the immediate gravitation!” says Brandon Yangmi, guitarist for The Greeting Committee. “With their unabashed individualism and astounding musicianship, I was intrigued by how our two worlds would collide. Unsurprisingly, their interpretation immediately had that Tune-Yards’ ‘sensibility’ and was only taken further by Psymon Spine's mixing! As a fan, it was a surreal pleasure to work with them."


Tune-Yards continue to push boundaries with their latest album, sketchy., which NPR hailed as “Epic, weird and wild…alive is the perfect word to describe it.” Billboard declared the duo, composed of Merrill Garbus and Nate Brenner, “as creatively vibrant and unpredictable as ever.” They supported the album with an extensive tour and a four-part web series, “”


The animated visualizer for “How Long?” (Tune-Yards Remix), which can be viewed HERE, was created by Singapore-based art director/illustrator Kezia Gabriella. Known for her vibrant imagery that abounds with abstract shapes and unusual characters, Gabriella co-directed the video for “Float Away,” one of the first singles from Dandelion.


On April 9, The Greeting Committee will conclude its Dandelion headline tour with a hometown show at Uptown Theater in Kansas City. Limited tickets are available HERE. The massive demand for tour tickets prompted the band to upgrade venues and add shows in many markets. They were met by sold-out crowds in cities across the U.S., including Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Denver.


“[The Greeting Committee] brought greetings of love and light to New York City, for a show that won’t be soon forgotten...the band’s relatable lyrics are given an entirely new meaning when performed live, as it is their chemistry and compatibility with each other that truly instilled the night with vivacity,” said office Magazine, which caught up with frontwoman Addie Sartino after the show for this Q&A.


Upon its release last fall, Atwood Magazine hailed Dandelion as “a blue-eyed record that showcases the band’s widening range: what once were vibrant chamber pop tunes that recall The Hush Sound have turned into buzzing, heavy rockers with a dose of ‘90s nostalgia.” FLAUNT said, “If you have yet to hear about The Greeting Committee, prepare to fall in love.” In addition to “How Long?” (Tune-Yards Remix), the deluxe edition of the album will also feature the poignant “Sort Of Stranger” feat. Briston Maroney. Further details will be announced soon.

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