June 9


The LAB Inc. ‘Fearless’ – LISTEN

By RawKeith

June 9, 2023

The LAB Inc.

Fearless is the brand new single from The LAB Inc. – and the sequel to Changes (March) and the 2022 singles UltrasonicRecharged and Feelgood Party, all of which have achieved airplay and great attention worldwide. 

The style is Twisted Pop: A super catchy, high-energetic and playful mix crafted from elements of FunkSoul and Pop Music.

The music is created by a passionate joint effort with no musical limitations, allowing each band member to shine to the max, while at the same time challenging both themselves and each other in a super tight, super potent expression.

Paying homage to the mantra "More is More", The LAB's distinct hallmark is a complex composition of beats, breaks and surprising chords − all fronted by Linda Andrews' charismatic power vocals.

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