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The Starz Hit Series Power Returns June 25th

By RawKeith

June 23, 2017

Cable Drama, Starz

The Starz Hit Series Power Returns June 25thIf you are like me, you are excited for the return of the hit show, Power. I mean, why not?  It has all of the elements that I look for in a show.  Strong good looking actors, and a good story that is dipped in realism.  The latter is extremely important to me, because the network television shows cannot produce that.  They have to appease the lowest common denominator…..Middle America.

Please, Middle America, don’t hate.  That is just the fact of the matter.  The shows that are on the cable networks tell the stories how they need to be told.  If strong language and and adult situations need to be added to the show, so be it.

For the few of you who are not familiar with the series, let me break it down for you.

The main character, James Ghost St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick), is/was in the drug game, and he desires to slowly transition out of that.  He opened a swanky nightclub, originally to launder the drug money.  After experiencing the nightclub business, he eventually wants to get out of the illegal stuff, and build his nightclub empire.

Of course, once you are in the drug business, it is not easy to just say, “I am out!”  There are other factors that come into play.

Did I mention that James’ girlfriend/high school sweetheart Angela (Lela Loren)is a US Attorney?   St. Patrick left his wife Tasha to be with Angela, so you can just think of the twists and turns that come out of those relationships.

There’s also Tommy, Ghost’s high school friend who is also his business partner in the drug trade.  He does not want to get out of that, as he is a “lifer,” so that also creates some problems.

The writing is excellent, and they create true cliffhangers for every episode.  Season four starts June 25th, so you will need to binge watch this weekend to catch up on this great show.  Check your local listing for the start times.

The Starz Hit Series Power Returns June 25th

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