October 20


The Valmonts ‘Living In A Paranoid Trance’ EP Out Now.

By RawKeith

October 20, 2023

The Valmonts

Originally from Galway, Dublin based Indie-rock band The Valmonts released their emotionally charged EP Living In A Paranoid Trance. With publication support from the likes of ClashMagazine, Hot Press, RTE Entertainment, and Music Crowns, the Dublin rockers have also performed at Wild Roots Festival in Sligo, which featured acts such as Rudimental and Kaiser Chiefs. In addition to this, the boys have headlined Bloom Festival in Phoenix park and sold out shows at Whelans Upstairs in Dublin, as well as featuring in the RTE 2XM 'Passport Approved Show', which was broadcast to over 50 international stations. One of the pre-released singles, ‘Cry & Get A Little Drunk’, has also already garnered early premiere support from Notion Magazine, as well as an inclusion on GoldenPlecs ‘Irish Songs You Need To Hear This Week’.

Comprised of Darragh Whyte (vocals, guitar), Keith Whyte (Drums), Cathal Sweeney (Guitar), and Tymek Kocurkiewicz (Bass), all of the band members displayed a passion for music at a young age, and were introduced to music from the 80’s via their parents. This formed some of their biggest influences, in addition to 90’s and 00’s classics. Indulging in Grand Theft Auto Vice City on the PS2 after school, they fell in love with the soundtrack and began playing music together in one of the members' parents' garage. Influenced by the likes of New Radicals and INXS, the band has a distinctly Indie-rock feel with a dash of pop and mainstream sensibility. Think, The Kooks, or The Vaccines.

Living In A Paranoid Trance ticks all the boxes in its intended delivery. As the name suggests, the EP expresses a particular emotional narrative felt by the band at the time, expertly conveyed through their sublime storytelling. Oozing an insatiable resonance, no listener is safe from its infectious melodies and vocal hooks, as the band succeeds in achieving maximum replayability. Delicately assembled and well thought out, each track shines in its own boisterous uniqueness, while still emitting the same overall indie-rock radiance throughout, riding a beautifully fine line between innovative brilliance and radio-readiness. Displaying an immense musical maturity in their sound, there's something for everyone here, whether it's groovy guitar licks and power chords, bubblying synths, or resplendent vocals that simply don't miss, it's locked and loaded with emotion as the band explores poignant topics close to their hearts- from lost loves to independence and existentialism. 

The sublime focus track, ‘Me & Myself Again’, also features a music video that perfectly illustrates the song's meaning and subject, as we’re treated to visuals of Dublin and the band's local haunts. Exhibiting shots of day-to-day monotony and life in action, it's a clear illustration of the loneliness we all feel when love falls short, as we go about our everyday existence trapped by our emotions. Despite its serious message, the music video manages to retain an element of visual beauty and playfulness. 

The band had this to say: “The video for 'Me & Myself Again' displays a mundane view of life. One we often sulk into during times of loneliness or abandonment. It's not a nice place to be, that's for sure, but you gotta find a way to lift that heavy head.”

Speaking on the EP, The Valmonts shared: “We have managed to live in a privately defined world with ‘Living In A Paranoid Trance’ for a while now. It has been the soundtrack to the last few years of our lives and we’re really excited to finally put it out into the world.”

The Valmonts will be performing live at the Workman’s Cellar on the 18th of November, with promotion coming from one of Ireland's biggest production teams in MCD. Get tickets here.

Living In A Paranoid Trance EP Tracklist:

1. Cry & Get A Little Drunk

2. Me & Myself Again

3. I Don't Need A World Like This

4. Summer Song

5. Paranoid Trance

6. Love Overdose

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