May 27


The Womack Sisters Announce New EP for June 17th

By RawKeith

May 27, 2022

The Womack Sisters

Just in time for Summer, today, R&B trio The Womack Sisters announce the release of their debut self-titled EP “The Womack Sisters” on June 17th. The six track project presents a well rounded soundtrack of love, relationships and heartbreak. They have also released their captivating new single “Lost for Words” with an accompanying lyric video, following their sultry debut track “Blocked.”

Primarily self-written by the sisters with production by producers Balistic Beats, HighVolume, Tracksion, Jkits, Mr. Kooman, Jpdidthis1, Chemist and HARRIX, “The Womack Sisters” is an introduction to the LA-based female sibling girl group consisting of BG, Zeimani, and Kucha. As the granddaughters of the legendary Sam Cooke, daughters of renowned songwriters and producers Cecil and Linda Womack (of Womack & Womack,) and nieces of singer-songwriter and R&B icon Bobby Womack, The Womack Sisters offer a refreshing combination of impeccable vocal range, style and versatility, combining the rawness and soul of throwback r&b with the cool-factor and audaciousness of modern day pop. Listeners can find everything from smooth ballads, to upbeat anthems concluding the EP with a stunning cover of the Sam Cooke classic “A Change is Gonna Come.”

In their latest offering, “Lost For Words”, the sisters tell a story of betrayal in a way that most can relate to. “The worst feeling is when you realize that your relationship is not 50/50,” says The Womack Sisters. “We have all experienced it. Regardless of who isn't putting in the effort, someone always gets hurt. This single is a soulful power anthem that embodies the experience of pain and that someone's lack of effort can leave an individual ‘Lost for Words’ when evaluating a relationship.”



  1. Lost For Words 
  2. Blocked 
  3. Daily 
  4. Wave 
  5. Living in 
  6. A Change is Gonna Come

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