August 18


‘Together’ by Shaun Frank – LISTEN

By RawKeith

August 18, 2021

Prinze George, Shaun Frank

Multi-platinum selling DJ and producer Shaun Frank has teamed up with the well-known trio Prinze George on his latest single, Together.

The track has a great vocal arrangement, and you get stellar production value, which makes it stand out from the pack of current EDM tracks. This is definitely a 1am track for the club DJ's.

Prinze George tells us about the single: “The pandemic ended up being a surprisingly creative and collaborative period for us. We had been wanting to work with Shaun for a while and we were all looking for ways to keep our heads together during lockdown. Working on dance music, in particular, was very cathartic for us and it was important that the message was hopeful… even if we weren’t feeling hopeful at the time. Shaun did an incredible job at merging our sounds and infusing the production with power and energy. All in all, we’re stoked with how it came together.” 

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