October 13


Totten Bridge ‘Better Than Me’ – LISTEN

By RawKeith

October 13, 2023

Totten Bridge

New York based musician Totten Bridge released his emotionally charged track, ‘Better Than Me’, on the 13th of October via StephJam Music. Unbound by genre, and defined by an endless and experimental artistic pursuit, the multifaceted artist has garnered over 1.5 million streams across all platforms, as well as publication support from the likes of Notion Mag, Earmilk, Backseat Mafia, and Medium.  ‘Better Than Me’ has already received support from notable tastemaker CLASH.

Stream / Download: Totten Bridge - ‘Better Than Me’

Totten Bridge was first introduced to music through his grandfather's record store. After taking records home to listen to after school, he eventually discovered the acoustic guitar, training himself to translate the music and melodies in his head into existence. Despite being influenced by the likes of Sam Fender, Thirty Seconds To Mars, Coldplay, and Imagine Dragons, his music is eclectic and enigmatic- refusing to be pigeonholed into one specific genre. 

Relying on infectious melodies and tight musical arrangements that culminate in anthemic sing-along choruses, Totten Bridge’s music could be best described as Rock, with British and American influences that incorporate pop, folk, motown, and even EDM at times. Focusing on themes of love and life, his lyrics are relatable in their concise directness, with the ultimate goal of resonating with each listener personally on an emotional level.

‘Better Than Me’ pulls on the heartstrings while simultaneously invoking a subtle foot-tap that is hard to resist. It's got a catchy and irresistible allure, with a real-anthemic and concert-focused sound. As Totten Bridge digs deep, laying his heart on the table, there's a real sense of emotion encapsulated into the song. Featuring his usual guitar prowess amidst subtle piano melodies and synth effects, it explores the realization we all inevitably have to face when we know a relationship is coming to an end. Sometimes we have to reconcile ourselves with the fact that not everything works out, and Totten Bridge expresses this sentiment with the utmost precision, as he awakes from an ethereal slumber to realize all is not as it seems. It’s a song with an emotional motif despite its up-beat and inspiring instrumental, evoking images of  pop-rock groups like Imagine Dragons or Bastille. However, the overarching message is a positive one, as all these hardships are simply opportunities for us to grow.  

Totten Bridge had this to say: ‘Better Than Me’ is a song about facing the hard truth that sometimes life and love do not work out like planned.  Sometimes it takes a while to figure it out because you’re in denial but in the crystallization of the moment, it suddenly becomes very clear and you know that you have to move on.  These fateful moments are necessary for our growth even if they’re painful because as the saying goes, “no pain, no gain.”

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