August 31



By RawKeith

August 31, 2015

TRAEDONYA!  Beautiful UR

TRAEDONYA! AKA ”The Bride Of New Funk Hipopera” designed a special

lyric video for her ”indie hit” single Beautiful UR ft. Belfast poetess Irish
Soulflower for her fan base.  Towards the end of the video TRAEDONYA!
introduces her brand new logo. The song has been embraced by the
blogosphere’s independent bloggers, online magazines and independent internet
radio tastemakers. Since the songs early July 2015 release Beautful UR  has organically
grown and spread out.  For those who passed on it the first time …give the video a peek.

The song was created by soul legend Al Green in 1972. TRAEDONYA! has done
her unique interpretation. See the links below to stay in touch and learn more
about her.
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