September 2


UB40 ‘Red Red Wine’ 2022 – LISTEN

By RawKeith

September 2, 2022


UB40 is back with a new take on a classic hit!  Nearly 40 years after the original release, the updated version of "Red Red Wine" features a new instrumentation and the group's new lead singer Matt Doyle.  The band’s performance of the 1983 hit at the Commonwealth Games closing ceremony last month was a stand-out highlight and was viewed by an estimated global TV audience of over one billion people. 

"Red Red Wine" is the second single to be released from UB40’s upcoming album UB45 and follows "Champion", which was the official Commonwealth Games song. UB45 will be released early in 2023. The album is the ultimate celebration of UB40's past and present featuring new original material and also a reworking of some of the band's classics and greatest hits. 

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