June 6


UB40 ‘You Don’t Call Anymore’ – WATCH

By RawKeith

June 6, 2021


A collaboration with fellow Brummies and protegés, KIOKO.

Young band Kioko are well known on the Birmingham music scene after unforgettable gigs at places like the Hare And Hounds, where UB40made their debut four decades earlier. Three years ago they were invited to play at the Birmingham Music Awards, where they played One In Ten in tribute to members of UB40 in the audience.

Kioko’s ‘You Don’t Call Anymore’ is a perfect foil to UB40’s own cut. They too, all contribute ideas and finish the songs together. Their objective is to create a body of work that they can be proud of as a band, and there’s quality in everything they do, including put-downs of politicians. Again, like UB40, the members all grew up within a few miles of each other and some even went to school together, although this was in the leafy suburbs of south Birmingham, and not the rundown inner city areas that spawned early UB40. “There are loads of parks where we come from,” says lead singer Matt, “and yet everyone who’s seen Peaky Blinders thinks we have soot-covered faces and wear braces.”

Check out the video below.

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