October 1


Valley’s EP ‘Last Birthday’ is Out Now

By RawKeith

October 1, 2021


JUNO nominated, alternative-pop band Valley are proud to present their sweeping EP Last Birthday through Capitol Records. This latest record encapsulates a year’s worth of continuous releases which the band note, “is the least over-thought body of work we’ve created yet, a fluid stream of creativity that wasn’t interrupted by worrying about what other people would think.” Last Birthday includes the breakthrough smash, “Like 1999,” the quippy earworm “SOCIETY,” the change up track “Tempo” and the most recent Valley-style love song “Oh shit…are we in love?.

 The seven-track EP is made complete with three brand new tracks including “Cure” which arrives today alongside the lifesaving official music video, featuring your favorite band members riding around town, saving music one instrument at a time. 

Though each song was released separately, the band explain how they’re all linked by an underlying theme of love and enduring connection, “Last Birthday is about unconditional love whether it’s romantic or platonic. We all have that person in our life that we would pick up at the airport at 4am without hesitation. The person that could sleep on your couch when times are tough. Maybe you don’t have to speak every day, or distance keeps you apart…regardless, they are a constant in your life until your last birthday.” 

Commenting on the musicality of the project, Valley break it down, saying “We kept the production as true to our sound as possible by approaching our musical decisions with a minimalistic, and intentional overture. The lyrical decisions were a blend between what phonetically felt right, and what provided a listener with the most deliberate narration. This is the most effortless, yet intentional body of work we’ve been able to create yet.”

To Valley, Last Birthday, represents a sense of growth as musicians and as individuals. That evolution is characterized in the parallels in their 2020 EP sucks to see you doing better, Valley describe “sucks to see you doing better and Last Birthday are connected in a way that has really become apparent to us since having the time to listen over and over and reflect. They complement each other thematically and emotionally.” sucks to see you doing better was released in the heart of the pandemic with a lot of uncertainty, the band explain the correlation further, “both EPs personally represent our growth as best friends, navigating being in a band while dealing with real life shit. If the sucks to see you doing better EP was a person, they’d be wearing compassion, heartbreak and mental health on their sleeve. Last Birthday is another perspective on those same feelings with a few breakthroughs. Analyzing our past from the other side of the glass.”

2021 has been nonstop for Valley with a steady release schedule, dropping hit after hit since the beginning of the year. “Like 1999” which genesis traces back to a viral TikTok post that drove the band to finish the track in under 48 hours, went on to help push the bands global streams to over 210 million. The band recently performed “Like 1999” for the 2021 MYX Awards in the Philippines. For the month of September, Valley was hand selected by Apple Music to be featured for the ‘UP NEXT’ artist spotlight for Canada. Previous recipients of this title include 6lack, Daniel Caesar, Jessie Reyez, Orville Peck, and Tate McRae.

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