November 11


Venus ‘If (This is Love)’ – LISTEN

By RawKeith

November 11, 2023


Following the release of her recent single “Things Change,” Southern California-based singer-songwriter-instrumentalist-producer VENUS is unveiling a new song, “If (This is Love),” out today, November 10. The reflective tender emotive ballad offers a glimpse of what’s to come on Venus’ forthcoming EP due out early next year, which is being composed entirely by Venus herself. 

“If (This is Love)” is out now on all digital platforms:

“If (This is Love)”, which Venus shares is “a soft declaration of love and hoping that it stays,” follows her previous single “Things Change” which Los Angeles’ KCRW highlighted as a “Today’s Top Tune” (here). “Things Change” was also recently recognized by Ones To Watch who wrote: “It’s difficult not to be transported by the beauty of the song. The luscious vocals and calming tempo create an ethereal vibe check that feels like you are in the presence of a goddess, reassuring you lyrically and spiritually. While we can’t fight the momentum of time passing, one thing you can change is giving this artist a listen and enjoy the best sonic fortune coming from Fontana in some time” (here).

Video for “Things Change” now on YouTube:

Following years of self-discovery, refining her sound, and a collaborative EP releasewith her group Ahmore which was publicly recognized by Uproxx “Best New R&B,” Fusicology and more, Venus is embarking on a new chapter.

Drawing inspiration from her vastly diverse musical tastes, Venus writes, records, and produces within the walls of her home. She has a soft spot for writing soothing, infectious music and relatable narratives. A singer, songwriter, instrumentalist and producer, she combines these strengths into an undeniable dreamlike fusion of indie/alternative, pop, and new wave. For Venus, music is meant to be a “soundtrack to the stories of our lives.” 

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