December 7


Watch Music Video for “Good Guy” by Eminem and Jessie Reyez

By RawKeith

December 7, 2018


Jessie Reyez teams up with award-winning rapper Eminem on his latest No. 1 album, Kamikaze, on two concept songs "Nice Guy" and "Good Guy". Eminem's official visuals for ‘Good Guy’ starring Jessie Reyez, which premieres today, opens with Jessie seemingly escaping from being buried alive along the coast.

The teaser then cuts to her coming face-to-face with a hooded man, Eminem. As they tensely and sparingly stare each other down in a kitchen, Jessie is then seen reaching for a knife – but the teaser clips ends at that dramatic moment leaving fans to crave more from the official video.

Reyez displays her raw and powerful vocals, taking complete ownership of her role in the storyline.

Watch the official video for "Good Guy," one of two collaborations from Kamikaze as Reyez plays the role of a woman waiting to fight back.

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