May 28


WATCH – UB40 ‘Message Of Love’ (feat. House Of Shem)

By RawKeith

May 28, 2021

House of Shem, UB40

Message Of Love is one of three collaborations with New Zealand’s roots reggae band House Of Shem. Message Of Love is taken from the forthcoming album BIGGA BAGGARIDDIM out June 25th.

Since meeting the late House Of Shem front man Carl Perkins in NZ in 1981, UB40 have formed a close bond with the man and his band, forging a 40 year friendship. Like UB40, since the passing of their father Carl, House Of Shem is a band fronted by two brothers, and Te Omeka and Isaiah Perkins both write, sing and play instruments, just as their late father did.

‘Message Of Love’ features both brothers as well as the last vocal performance from their father. Footage of this is captured in the moving video. This archive footage is intercut with new footage of UB40 filmed in urban Birmingham, which is juxtaposed with footage of the House Of Shem brothers filmed in the stunning landscapes of rural NZ.

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