March 25


What So Not ‘Messin’ Me Up (Ardalan Remix) – LISTEN

By RawKeith

March 25, 2022

Ardalan, What So Not

Aradalan’s serving us two remixes of What So Not ft EVAN GIIA’s “Messin’ Me Up”. Originally written during the catastrophic Australian bushfires of late 2019, Messin’ Me Up feels like the pressure point that burst, creating the new normal. The two versions “Ardalan Messin' Me Mix” and “Ardalan Remix” are available here.

"I was in a very dark place when I was approached to remix “Messin Me Up”. I was fresh out of a break up and all the parts including the lyrics really spoke to me. I wasn’t even planning to work on it the night I got the stems, but I got in the mood to jam with it as soon as I heard the remix parts. I ended up finishing two versions that night. I really loved working on this remix, specifically due to all the musical elements of the original.” Ardalan

After returning from a yearlong hiatus by releasing “The Change” with fellow Australians DMA’S HERE, What So Not is releasing his 2nd song via Sweat It Out / Counter Records HERE.

Unlike the ferocious alt-rager “The Change”, the new single “Messin’ Me Up” has a more introspective, intimate feel at the start and embraces you completely by the end of the track.  The song was written in Los Angeles by What So Not, EVAN GIIA and Martin Doherty of the band CHVRCHES.

Chris Emerson / What So Not about “Messin’ Me Up”: "This record is a giant crescendo. Beginning sparse & sombre, it evolves into an operatic onslaught of vocals & hardware. The thematics showcase the virulent tendencies of humankind. Chaotic turmoil in everything from relationships to the environment. I loved working with Emmy & Martin front to back on this, both are brilliant. The record acts as a bookmark of where my mind was at before the pandemic. As we all come out of self focus, introversion & return to normality what choices will we make differently? We’ve seen how fast the world can change & I hope we can all change for the better on the other side of this.”

EVAN GIIA says: “We wrote Messin' Me Up in one day. It was just a session that clicked. Martin, Chris and I were all in a creative flow. The song is written in the perspective of mother nature. Screaming out repetitively “you keep on messin' me up”! I had so much fun recording this song. I was full on belting towards the end. I love the way the song turned out and the meaning behind it.”

The song is accompanied by a video by filmmaker Jordan Chappell. This marks the third collaborative project between What So Not and Jordan. It tells the story of many man-made catastrophes from the point of view of the earth. The project pushes What So Not deeper into a 3D space that he has been exploring on recent releases and through streaming opportunities such as Splendor XR.

For EVAN GIIA this record is her first release since her debut EP, ENDORPHINS came out this summer. She is currently on a North American tour with stops in major markets across the country for dates and tickets check

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