February 12


From Xscape to Xscap3 Behind The Name Change

By RawKeith

February 12, 2018


We saw an Xscape reunion in 2017. They just came off a successful tour (The Great Xscape) and they performed together on TV and on stage. So they are back, right?

Just about. The group members are back, well almost all of them. Kandi Burress has “other commitments”, so the remaining three Tiny, Tamika, and LaTocha will proceed as a trio. Because of this, they will use a different name…..not too different though. They will perform under the name Xscap3 ahead of their latest EP ‘Here For It’ which drops on on March 3rd.

In case you forgot, here is the title track, Here For It.


Kandi is still welcome to join the group as her schedule permits. She is scheduled to be with the group for this year’s Essence Festival in New Orleans.

Do you think the trio will be as successful?

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