June 14


YNP Maine ‘Aw Yeah’ – WATCH

By RawKeith

June 14, 2023

YNP Maine

Breakout Louisiana teenaged rapper YNP Maine shares his razor-sharp new single “Aw Yeah” featuring Ndotspinalot. Listen HERE via Priority Records. The All Day produced song hears the young MCs trade tightly wound verses with one another over a punishing beat that elicits their most athletic flows. It also comes complete with a Haitian Picasso directed video that captures the pair journeying through New York City. Watch it HERE.

YNP Maine is an unmistakable voice of the South—he grew up between Baton Rouge and nearby Gonzales, and has that city’s penchant for bleeding-heart honesty in his raps—but the visuals for “Aw Yeah” find them on Ndotspinalot’s home turf. The rappers saunter through record label offices, inhale plates of noodles, and flaunt Maine’s crisp Latrell Spreewell Knicks jersey. The linkup is the pure embodiment of the collaboration, melodic pain music fused with New York drill.

To that point, the song perfectly weaves those twin impulses of emotionality and aggression. While the song sounds constantly on the verge of becoming an outright threat, it’s also concerned with timeless themes like betrayal and loyalty. “You say that you love ‘em,” YNP Maine raps at one point, as if he can peer into the soul of the person on the receiving end of his rhymes. “You can’t even trust ‘em.”

While Ndotspinalot—an exploding phenomenon in his own right—is the New Yorker, YNP Maine has found himself carrying on some of that city’s hip-hop lineages. “Aw Yeah” comes in the wake of “Voices,” which was included on French Montana and DJ Drama’s Coke Boys 6: Money Heist Edition. That co-sign followed The Start, his breakout record from last year, which showcased YNP Maine’s unique spin on the sound that has dominated Southern hip-hop across the last decade. 

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